Regina ADULT Classes

Twin Lakes Community Association

Regina ADULT Classes

Classes offered by the Twin Lakes Community Association

Fall Registration – September 1, 2017

Pound (NEW) – $40.00 per class

The POUND workout fuses cardio interval training with drumming to provide a challenging, heart-pumping workout.  It moves fast: From start to finish, lively, heart-pumping movements and upbeat tunes keep the workout feeling fresh. There’s no holding an uncomfortable pose for an extended period of time; the class is always moving, always changing, and always pushing the body to its limits. (No classes on stat holidays and school closures).  Instructor is Milena Ehr.

  • Ages 18+                  Mondays              Sept 18 to Nov 27         7:00 to 8:00         St. Angela School   Bring a yoga mat

Yoga Beginner – $60.00 per class

Offered at a slower pace this class will give you a good foundation with introduction to basic yoga poses, breathing techniques and overall personal awareness.  Instructor are Jessica Hoffort and Robyn Clay.

(No classes on stat holidays and school closures)

  • Ages 18+                  Mondays              Sept 18 to Nov 27         8:00 to 9:00         St. Angela School   Bring your own yoga mat

 Fitness Boot Camp – $40.00 per class

This class is a mixture of H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training), core, body sculpting, Tabata Drills and cardio!  Boot Camp is an exciting, challenging workout targeting strength, agility and coordination!  Instructor is Kristin McNutt.

(No classes on stat holidays and school closures)

  • Ages 18 yrs +           Tuesdays                Sept 19 to Nov 28           8:00 to 9:00           St. Angela School
  • Ages 18 yrs +           Thursdays               Sept 21 to Nov 30          8:00 to 9:00            St. Jerome School

20/20/20 Fitness – $40.00 per class

20/20/20 Fitness: A class that has it all in one hour and covers all the fitness basics. A combination class consisting of 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength and 20 minutes of core and stretching. All levels welcome with modifications given for exercises. Instructor Wendy McKellar/Laurie Meloche

(No classes on stat holidays and school closures)

  • Ages 18+        Thursday (NEW day)         Sept 21 to Nov 30          7:00 to 8:00             St. Angela School

Zumba – $60.00 per class

Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a kind fitness program. Achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements.  Instructor is Milena Ehr.

(No classes on stat holidays and school closures)

  • Ages 18+ years         Thursdays             Sept 21 to Nov 30         8:00 to 9:00              MacNeill School

Pickleball  – $15.00 year or $1.00 drop in fee with community association membership

Pickleball is a lot of fun. Designed for seniors but anyone can enjoy the game. It is played with paddles, a badminton net, a wiffle ball, and the game resembles tennis.  Coordinator is Carol Martens

  • Ages 18+ years             Fridays          Sept 22  to June 23            3:30 to 5:00            North West Leisure Centre

Spring Registration opens April 1, 2017

Outdoor  Boot Camp – $40.00 per class (8 classes)

Tone up for summer! Build strength in all major muscle groups including core, and improve cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. All levels welcome to work at their own pace. A great way to combine fitness, fun and new friends in an outdoor environment.  Instructor:Wendy McKellar

Ages 18+                  Mondays                    May 1 to June 26            6:30 to 7:30              Lakewood Park at the Gazebo

Excluding May 22. Location: meet in/byLakewood Park Gazebo the Lake. Weather will not be an issue – if it is very inclement, the class will be held in the St. Angela gym.

Adult Learn to Run – $50.00 per class (10 classes)

This class is for adults who would like to introduce running as part of their spring fitness plan. The class will focus on running technique and a gradual progression of running distance/ability to improve cardio-vascular endurance. Exercises for core fitness, upper and lower body strength will also be included to improve running form. Instructor: Laurie Meloche

Ages 18+        Wednesdays         April 26 to June 28           7:00 to 8:00             St. Angela playground (meet at the walking path behind the school)